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Ag Testimonials

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Ceiling Material

"We constructed eight poultry houses measuring 54' x 500' in eastern Oklahoma and installed the 'standard woven ceiling material'. In these houses, with one tunnel fan, we were able to achieve a negative static pressure of .17. After this farm was destroyed by a tornado we reconstructed the houses to the exact same specifications, only this time we installed the 'Dura-Skrim J6WB' ceiling material. We were then able to achieve, with one tunnel fan, a negative static pressure of .20. Overall, this material installed very easily and looked great when completed."

Latco, Inc - Lincoln, AR


Floating Covers


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Grain Covers

"We have used Dura-Skrim grain covers for the past 11 years and are very happy with the great performance. We find that Dura-Skrim is superior to other products from companies with different product compositions. The customer service at Raven is great; they are quick to respond and very receptive to input ideas from the field."

CEEC - Wabasso, MN

“Dura-Skrim covers have worked very well for us. They are extremely durable and long lasting covers and are built by professionals who know that quality is extremely important to the end user. Believe me, I have put some serious torque on the Dura-Skrim material, pulling this tarp with heavy equipment over 780’ grain piles. Dura-Skrim has stood up to the test. Previous tarps would tear, shred, and rip at the seams. Dura-Skrim from Raven Industries contains the best reinforcement string pattern I have seen. Customer service, delivery and professional courteous service are a standard with Raven not to mention the terms, price, and the best custom order hassle-free service around. Rodney and his team have made me a repeat customer and I do all my grain covering business exclusively with Raven.”

Cargill - Beardstown, IL

“Our experience with Dura-Skrim is very positive. I am happy to spec Dura-Skrim, because I know the product will meet spec and will protect my customer's products. We've used a lot of woven coated material in the past and find that Dura-Skrim is a better material in grain cover applications. Raven is a very professional vendor that doesn't cut corners on quality or communication.”

Soles Enterprises, Inc - Brandon, SD

Hay Covers


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Silage Covers

We have used FeedFresh for several years and have realized a tremendous benefit with fewer steps required when covering silage—saving us time and labor. The durability is the best we have seen and helps reduce damage caused by rodents and birds.
We have seen better quality silage with FeedFresh compared to the other two layer 5 or 6 mil products we previously used.
FeedFresh is available in custom sizes to help us cover our pit and we have found Raven stands behind their product. We are very happy with FeedFresh and the customer service we receive from Raven.

Mike Rohrer - Lancaster, PA 


We have been using Feed Fresh since GVD Feed Covers began selling it. We use to have a lot of punctures in our cover from deer walking on it. With Feed Fresh we no longer have holes from deer. We also value the simplicity of the one step process. Not having to use an under layer saves us time and money.We are extremely pleased with how well Feed Fresh performs. Our silage is well preserved. I highly recommend Feed Fresh

Micke Dairy - Green Bay, WI


We have used FeedFresh for 6 plus years at Arrowhead Farms. We are very satisfied with it because we can walk on it and never have to worry about tearing or puncturing it. It is extremely tough. That is one major difference over the product we used before. When covered correctly with sidewalls or tires it stays down in the wind. It helps preserve our silage very well with virtually no spoilage. Well worth the cost over conventional silage covers. I have no reservations recommending FeedFresh to other producers.

Arrowhead Farms - Wisconsin

We have been using FeedFresh® for several years at VanRijn Dairy. The durability of FeedFresh® holds up to harsh conditions and there is no concern of tearing the cover when we walk on it. The labor savings versus using a two-layer application makes it cost competitive.  Reduced shrink and a better quality silage are other key benefits we experience with using FeedFresh®.  I highly recommend FeedFresh®.

VanRijn Dairy  Michigan

We will not consider anything else to cover our silage, since being introduced to FeedFresh®.  The easy one-step application stays in place, even with the high winds we experience here in the Uinta Basin of Utah. 

We have experienced virtually no mold and have had issues with birds and other critters poking holes in our previous, non-Raven product—we have not had that issue with FeedFresh®. In my opinion, if you are not using FeedFresh®, you are wasting feed.

4C Dairy  Duchesne, Utah

Several weeks into feeding out my corn silage and high moisture corn piles, I am very pleased with the Raven SealFresh® oxygen barrier systems that are covering the piles.  The ease of application with these accordion-folded covers, and the overall product performance and price make SealFresh® a product I would highly recommend.

O'Day Dairy  Payson, UT

In northern Colorado, we need a silage plastic that cannot just preserve feed, but can also protect it. FeedFresh® oxygen barrier silage plastic has proven to do just that. This past summer, we encountered a major storm and were bombed with baseball sized hail. It was a catastrophe that blew out windshields, ruined corn crops, and destroyed the roof of my house. All of my 5mil plastic bagged feeds suffered heavy puncture wounds from the piercing hail and were mostly ruined. All of the silage pits covered with FeedFresh® plastic stayed intact, and if there was damage at all, it was completely confined to the scrim within the plastic without exposing any feed. FeedFresh® not only preserved my corn silage, it saved my corn silage, and we would highly recommend it to anyone covering silage!

Hunter Ridge Dairy – Colorado

Prior to using FeedFresh silage covers, we bagged haylage and built roll-over haylage piles, in both cases we experienced a fair amount of mold. The haylage we covered with FeedFresh silage covers was pristine. The pile covered with FeedFresh is by far the best haylage pile we have ever had at Cornerstone Dairy. Previously we consistently had four plus inches of moldy corn silage on our piles that needed to be removed prior to feeding. Since switching to Feed Fresh silage covers, we have experienced our cleanest corn silage ever, free of any mold, enabling us to feed out the entire pile. Other bonus factors when using FeedFresh are the reduced labor required to deploy this oxygen barrier cover as it is available in one large piece, it is reinforced to withstand installation abuse and holds up to the punishing sun. After experiencing the impressive performance of the FeedFresh silage covers, there is no compelling reason for us to ever switch back to the old way of covering silage!

Cornerstone Dairy – Tipton, CA

We cover all our feed with FeedFresh silage covers. We used to cover with standard black and white plastic and had 4-8 inches of spoilage. Since switching to FeedFresh we have seen almost no loss. This is a very good product.

VDS Farms – Fulton, MI

Before using feed fresh we would notice stretch marks from where we walked while covering the pile. This would always cause increased spoilage on the feed pile. We also liked the option of using the oxygen barrier as an all-in-one application. This also makes it much easier to cover a pile when it is windy! After using feed fresh for several years, we have had a significant decrease in spoilage.

Brockman Family Farms, LLC – Kaukauna, WI

We used to cover our corn silage with two layers of black and white plastic and would see 4-6 inches of spoilage. With FeedFresh we cover our piles once, and it is easier to manage because it is heavier and lays better. There is little to no spoilage and we don't have to clean the piles before we feed. We wouldn't go back to regular plastic.

Irish Acres Dairy, LLC – Berne, IN

We purchased FeedFresh oxygen barrier covers for one of our first cutting haylage piles. That pile had little or no spoilage as compared to the pile that was covered with conventional plastic that had 8 inches of spoilage that had to be removed. Now we cover everything with FeedFresh silage covers. It is a phenomenal product.

Gardeau Crest Farms, LLC – Perry, NY

Before using FeedFresh, we had a problem with deer putting holes in the plastic. These holes caused a lot of spoiled feed on our piles, which cost us even more money, hurting out bottom line. Since we started using FeedFresh, the holes from the deer have been eliminated. It also gave us the ability to start using the vapor barrier and cover it in one pass with the FeedFresh.

Micke Dairy – Brillion, WI

The cheapest way to feed our cows is high quality forage. Two years ago we had too much spoilage on the tops of our piles. We had several debates about using an oxygen barrier plastic and decided to give it a try. Our FeedFresh Silage Cover gave us very little spoilage and this year we didn't even discuss it. Everyone could clearly see the value.

Van Erk Dairy  Haviland, OH

The FeedFresh product was used on our corn silage and our 3rd crop piles during the 2008 crop year. In both instances, we were able to use half of the labor to apply the plastic, because we had only one layer of plastic to contend with and the oxygen barrier’s characteristics allowed the plastic to set tight to the surface of the feed even with a blowing wind. The plastic did not stretch nor tear when compared to the other plastics while putting tires on it. During feed out, we noted excellent feed quality across the pile surface with no feed that had to be pitched off the top due to mold. Because of these characteristics, the FeedFresh product surpassed our expectations for performance, quality and price.

We have been putting up piles since 2003 and have tried out at least 4 different manufacturers of plastic covers as well as methods of covering feed piles. The plastic we had been using had several problems including:
“shattering” after about 12-14 months of exposure to the sunwhile placing tires on the pile, we had some instances where the tires would slide off the pile because of too much “slip” in the plastic, constantly taping footprints on the surface because the plastic would stretch due to walking on the pile while placing tires, having to use a separate layer of oxygen barrier and deal with trying to pull multiple layers of plastic over the pile. These problems caused us to keep trying and searching for different plastics and/or methods yet still utilize the oxygen barrier, save time and money.We have been very satisfied with the customer service from Raven Industries. We were asking questions and getting answers to our questions, no matter how difficult or easy the questions were, about 1 ½ years before we purchased anything from Raven. At no point in time were the sales people pushy or condemning of any other competitor’s product on the market. The sales people at Raven were a pleasure to deal with because they applied common sense to everything, right down to price and what is best for their customer’s needs, not necessarily Raven’s.

Grandview Dairy Farm – Brillion, WI

Waste Lagoon Liners


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