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Construction Film & Sheeting - Building Systems

Raven Industries is a major supplier of polyethylene close-up and transit films for the building systems market.  The system built housing segment has come a long way in building high quality energy-efficient homes to surpass the expectations of today’s consumer.  The off-site construction segment of pre-built modular and portable buildings serve diverse markets including education, commercial, residential, healthcare and government buildings.  In both segments the unit is completely finished and ready to install making the process of delivery and storage extremely critical to ensure no damage occurs to the internal components.


The building systems industry continues to produce new and creative designs that make their transportation and storage particularly challenging with many sharp and angular shapes.  Raven has developed specialty and high strength proprietary films engineered specifically to meet these unique demands.

Raven incorporates high quality resins and additives to achieve the demanding properties needed to withstand high winds and adverse weather conditions experienced during installation, transporting and storage.  Raven continues to lead the way by introducing innovative custom films designed to meet the specific performance requirements of both segments.

Raven distributes our products through building wholesalers across the nation to ensure product is readily available to manufacturers locally.  Please give us a call today to discuss your needs and locate your nearest stocking location.

Building Systems Plastic Wrap