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February, 2016

As spring approaches, we'd like to thank our customer's for turning to our Dura♦Skrim® line of reinforced enclosure film to protect their workers from harsh winter weather. Dura♦Skrim® is unsurpassed in quality and saves dollars by not having to replace lesser-quality material when it fails.  Dura♦Skrim® is available in a variety of widths, mil thickness' as well as fire retardant.

This year, the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas saw the most attendees, since 2007.  The show provided a great opportunity for the construction team to meet face-to-face with distributors and end users.  It is always beneficial to hear from the users of our products on what we are doing well and new ideas for our products.  It's refreshing, in a market the size of construction, that Raven is recognized for its attention to superior quality and integrity.

We are excited to announce the release of our VaporSeal™ tape for applications that involve volatile chemicals. VaporSeal™ is manufactured using EVOH resin and is impermeable to off-gassing, providing unsurpassed building envelope protection when VOC's are a concern.  VaporSeal™ is available in 4" x 160' rolls for seaming and 12" x 50" rolls for patching.

Multiple and single pipe penetrations have always been an area of concern with regard to underslab applications.  The direction has always been to seal the area as good as possible and move on—leaving a lot of room for error during the installation process.  As a result from the feedback from our installers, Raven has developed a system to alleviate those worries, provide a more seamless and less laborious installation procedure, and result in a more effective barrier for vapors.  We are excited to announce POUR-N-SEAL™, a two part epoxy system that mixes fast, sets up rapidly, and is viscous enough to seep in-between pipes. POUR-N-SEAL™ is sold with a foam damming unit that stops product run-off. POUR-N-SEAL™ is available in 1-gallon units.

If you have any questions regarding physical properties of our construction films, proper installation techniques, information regarding our new product lines, or availability please reach out to our construction team: efdconstruction@ravenind.com.

Joe, Dave and Becky