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Greetings from the Raven Energy Team,

This month, Raven will be exhibiting at the Shale Water Expo (booth #605) in Houston, TX on Oct 13-14, and the OKC Oilfield show (booth #809) in Oklahoma City, October 14-15, be sure to stop and see us.  In addition to newly developed textured materials come check out HydraFlex™ HP Series geomembranes for above ground tank lining applications along with Raven’s Rufco® C-Series Textured and Dura♦Skrim® K & J-Series with an exclusive GeoGrip™ textured surface for Rig-Site Pads and Secondary containment applications.

Raven recently announced its new 150-inch-wide layflat winding capability.  What is most significant about this is it provides our customers with size specific roll lengths and widths to meet exact job requirements.  This will limit waste and sealing time reducing the number of welds and splices in the field. We recently compared the time to install 60mil HDPE vs. our Dura♦Skrim® K30B on a 700’ x 700’ frac pit. By using time saving wide-width prefabricated panels of K-Series, the sealing time on this pit was cut from 26 hours to 4 hours!  Needless to say, we are excited about this new capability and the value it will extend to our customers.   Please feel free to contact us with any opportunities or questions at energy@ravenind.com or (800) 635-3456.

Stacy, Greg, & Wes