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New EPA Rules for Landfills

Published Under Title 40 CFR, Part 60


Compliance standards for operating Landfills continues to evolve. The US EPA recently published two new rules specifically focused on LFG, carbon emissions thresholds and gas collection and control recovery systems. These rules are applicable to newly defined NSPS and EG sites.

Under the new rules allowable emission of NMOCs and the requirement for a GCCS will be lowered by more than 30% for some operations while the current standard of 50 mg/year NMOCs will remain the place for others.

These new standards appear to be the centerpiece of a broad and on-going environmental strategy of the US EPA to reduce the fugitive emission of both NMOC methane gases.

These new rules have several key components regarding the operation, monitoring, and reporting of GCCS performance. Critical components of a high functioning landfill gas collection and control system like carbon barrier Geomembranes will play a critical role in the design of a GCCS and the success in meeting LFG emission objectives.

Raven’s Absolute Barrier product line of 7-layer, co-extruded, high performance barrier geomembranes are specifically engineered to block the vapor emissions of gases like methane and volatile organic compounds. Absolute Barrier Geomembranes are tough, durable and chemically resistant providing more than 10x lower permeability than common 80 mil HDPE.

For more details please visit: www.epa.gov//ttn/atw/landfill/landflpg.html


For more information on how Raven can find a solution to fit your needs, please contact a member of our Geo Team by phone at +1 (800) 635-3456 or by email at ravengeo@ravenind.com.


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MAY 2015