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In February of 2013, we incorporated an advanced plastic reclamation facility into our Sioux Falls operation, which today recycles over 80% of our internal excess material generated from normal manufacturing startups, change-overs, and edge trim processes.  The line is truly a state-of-the-art system, capable of producing up to 15 million pounds of reprocessed resin pellets annually.  One of the more unique features of this line is the capability to process dissimilar plastics such as polyethylene and polyester with very different temperature resin melting points.

Our specific equipment design for the reclaim line includes a unique in-line filtering feature for the removal of foreign materials from the melt stream allowing precise control over pellet quality.  The line also offers several methods of pellet movement throughout the line to provide our team multiple handling options for varying material runs.
Recycling-3.jpgThe integrated computer control interface monitors every aspect of processing from the introduction of material to finished resin pellets produced.

During the reclamation line design phase, Raven teamed up with leading consultants for the specification and procurement of the new system, which involved extensive research and analysis of current industry recycling solutions.  Raven elected to work with top consultants and manufacturers who had direct project expertise in reclaim automation systems.  This collaboration proved to be highly instrumental in the selection of major line components from key equipment manufacturers.

Prior to the reclaim facility installation, we would have loaded and transported excess materials to external reclaim facilities for reuse and discarded the other non-reclaim materials.  With the new system in-house, the vast majority of excess material is captured and reclaimed through our closed-loop recycling stream to increase efficiency, meet environmental initiatives, and add direct value to our overall manufacturing process.