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Raven Engineered Films is an approved provider for the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System, the primary source of ongoing professional education for the design and building industry.

Raven is dedicated to providing educational courses to increase industry technical knowledge through our free online anytime distance-learning AIA approved course (hosted on the AEC Daily online learning center), as well as face-to-face in person for groups of 5 or larger (based on travel availability). There is no charge for Raven AIA/CES Courses and they can be delivered through a distance learning or in person by trained Raven representatives.

Who should take these courses? Architects, Inspectors, Superintendents, Builders, Contractors or anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge in particular aspects of the building process as well as learn more about what products are available to meet specification requirements. AIA members are required to complete 18 hours, also called Learning Units (LU), of continuing education annually. Eight hours must relate to Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topics, with four being material on Sustainable Design (SD).

How do I access the course? For online self-paced learning, please click the Sign-Up button below to be redirected to the anytime distance-learning courses hosted on the AEC Daily online learning center.  For Face-to-Face real-time courses, please email us at efdsales@ravenind.com to make a request.  We will respond shortly with course availability in your area (5 or more attendees required). 

Current Course Offerings

Critical Elements in Specifying Underslab Moisture & Gas Barriers


Course #: AEC758

Distance Learning - Online Self-Pace:
Course listed on AEC Daily's online learning center.  Click the Sign-Up button below to be directed to the course immediately.




Course#:  RAV921

Face-to-Face Course - Real-Time:
To setup an in-person course (5 or more attendees required), please email efdsales@ravenind.com to check availability based on the Raven travel schedule.

Critical Elements in Specifying Underslab Moisture & Gas Barriers

This comprehensive course covers the critical elements of specifying underslab moisture and gas barriers to create healthy environments in commercial buildings and residential homes.

Purpose: Provides an overview of the critical properties that require consideration when specifying underslab vapor barriers and moisture/gas barriers, as well as discussions on the basic installation guidelines to help ensure a successful installation.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • define the terms "vapor barrier" and "gas/moisture barrier" and explain when an underslab barrier is necessary to assure a healthy environment and to avoid structural deterioration
  • identify the three critical properties and minimum values listed in ASTM E 1745 and how to apply them when selecting a barrier based on building design and performance requirement
  • state and design elements required for a successful radon gas barrier based on EPA guidelines, and
  • explain the basic installation guidelines for vapor barriers and moisture/gas barriers to help ensure a successful installation.

Completion of this course provides one (1) Learning Unit (LU) of Health, Safety & Welfare Content (HSW).