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The VaporSafe® Value Calculator will provide sales staff with an easy-access, web based solution to demonstrate first-hand to the grower, the value of using VaporSafe® fumigation broadcast and row-mulch films. The VaporSafe® calculator analyzes input data, and quickly calculates any improvements in buffer zone restrictions based on potential rate reductions to assist the grower in determining the overall bottom-line value of using VaporSafe® vs. competitive films.  We invite you to check out the VaporSafe® Calculator, and include it in your sales approach to demonstrate the value impact of using a true TIF™ fumigation film. 

Please contact Raven for all your fumigation film needs along with any questions regarding the VaporSafe® Value Calculator.

Disclaimer Note: Raven Industries, Inc. has provided this calculator on an "as available" basis, as a guide only, based on a set of conditions. This calculator is not intended as a design tool or to determine specification limits. Raven disclaims all liability resulting from the use of this calculator and does not imply or provide warranties of any kind.


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