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Raven FeedFresh Silage Cover Mentioned in American Dairymen Article...


American Dairymen Magazine




August 20, 2104 - Raven FeedFresh® Silage Barrier is mentioned as part of a successful midwest dairy's process to increase profits...


American Dairymen Magazine prints article about Grand View Dairy Farm titled; "Successful Midwest Dairy Credits Perfecting Silage Cover to Increased Profits", and Raven FeedFresh® is mentioned in the article... read entire article here.


Raven FeedFresh® Silage Barrier provides two very important advantages; superior reinforced tear resistance, and the latest in EVOH (OTR) oxygen barrier technology. This combination contributes to a winning performance to maximize silage freshess and reduce dry matter loses and ultimately improve your bottom line profit.  FeedFresh® has the industries lowest oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of just 3.54 CC/M²/DAY to help prevent oxygen from reaching the pile and maintaining high-quality silage throughout the bunker.  By improving palatability results and increasing consumption through a more consistent feed intake, cows can produce additional pounds of milk for dairy producers, and steer/heifer’s can increase gain-per-day for cattle producers. 


FeedFresh® is the successful silage cover your neighbors are talking about!  Learn more today, and start seeing the FeedFresh® value for yourself. Try out our FeedFresh® Silage Value Calculator here.