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Visit Raven at NWMA 2013 Expo, Dec 2-6...


Visit Raven at the NWMA’s 2013 Expo Show booth (#417) Dec 2-6 in Sparks, NV and check out our effective geomembrane containment solutions designed for in-ground and above-ground applications.  We will be featuring our new Absolute Barrier® engineered EVOH barrier geomembranes, and our rugged Dura-Skrim® K-Series liners and covers at this event along with a look at our impressive upcoming Rufco® VLDPE product; for the ultimate in flexibility.  Be sure to stop by to visit with Leroy at the booth, and let him show you this innovative line-up for the ultimate in barrier containment!  Be sure to sign up for the gift card give-away to be held on the last day of the show.


Absolute Barrier® series of high performance EVOH geomembranes provide the latest in barrier technology to meet the needs of challenging applications, such as waste containment lagoons, landfill liners and caps, Brownfields, reclamation projects, and many more. Absolute Barrier® membranes are multi-layered consisting of very flexible, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) for easy sealing or durable high-density (HDPE) outer layers, along with an inner core of chemically resistant EVOH barrier resin for superior resistance to the migration of gases and harmful VOCs. Absolute Barrier® membranes are highly effective for odor control barriers (OCB) as well as temporary and long-term landfill caps, with VOC diffusion coefficients ranging from 20 to 38 times less than standard 80 mil HDPE geomembranes.  Additionally, contaminants found in leachate and gas in municipal and hazardous waste landfills, can migrate through standard HDPE; contributing to both atmospheric and groundwater contaminations.  Absolute Barrier® Series is an effective barrier to a wide range of VOCs including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, o-xylene, plus many others.


Our Dura-Skrim® K-Series is available in 30, 36 and 45 mil thick reinforced polyethylene or polypropylene with a textured or smooth surface. Raven’s exclusive GeoGrip™ surface texture technology consists of durable random spikes with bidirectional bars to provide uniform stabilization, an increased friction between various soil and geosynthetic layers, and for work site safety. We are looking forward to this year’s show and are excited to display the innovative new products Raven brings to the table. We hope everyone will take time to stop by and learn firsthand about our key products and the major impact they can make on your next project!