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FEEDFRESH Silage Cover (1-Step Cover)

Reinforced Oxygen Barrier – EVOH

FeedFresh® multi-layer string-reinforced 7 mil black/white oxygen barrier offers two very important advantages; superior tear resistance and (OTR) oxygen barrier technology. FeedFresh® provides tremendous results through a 1-step cover solution with the lowest OTR on the market today of 0.98 CC/M²/DAY at 21% Oxygen Permeability (Ambient Air). FeedFresh® silage covers combine proven product technology and expertise to provide one of the toughest most durable covers in the industry. FeedFresh® is a multi-layer reinforced oxygen barrier (OTR) providing maximum protection and forage freshness. FeedFresh® silage covers can help Dairy and Cattle Producers increase their bottom line by maintaining high-quality silage throughout the bunker. By improving palatability results and increasing consumption through a more consistent feed intake, cows can produce additional pounds of milk for dairy producers and
steer/heifers can increase gain-per-day for cattle producers. Reduce Spoilage and Increase Prots with FeedFresh®, the Industry Leader in EVOH Barrier Technology!

FeedFresh® (1-Step Cover) - String-Reinforced 7 mil Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover.

  • Superior Tear and Puncture Resistance
  • Lowest OTR on the market at 0.98 CC/M²/DAY
  • 18-Month Outdoor Longevity

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