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VAPORSAFE Series (1-1.75 Mil)

Soil Fumigation Barrier Film

Raven VAPORSAFE® (TIF®) Series is a unique seven-layer barrier fumigation film product line; manufactured from very flexible high-strength polyethylene with an inner core of gas impermeable EVOH barrier resin. VaporSafe® soil fumigation films bring leading TIF® film technology into a common sense approach to success.

As the industry moves away from methyl bromide used to control weeds, pests and diseases, the need for a totally impermeable film (TIF®) has become a necessity. VaporSafe® fumigation films provide proven performance results for both Broadcast and Row Mulch applications. Extensive research has been conducted on VaporSafe® to assure growers repeatable and reliable performance. Results indicate that fumigant rates based on gallons per acre may be reduced by as much as 10% to 50% under VaporSafe®, while still maintaining efficacy and yields.

The VaporSafe® Series includes:
VaporSafe® - TIF® Barrier Film – Broadcast | 1.0 Mil
VaporSafe® RM - TIF® Barrier Film - Row Mulch | 1.1 Mil | 1.2 Mil
VaporSafe® RMXL - TIF® Barrier Film – Row Mulch | 1.75 Mil

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