DuraCinch Strapping System

Secure your covers of any shape and size for long lasting protection against wind and weather.

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Raven provides protection you can count on. Our total system approach includes custom fabricated covers and strapping systems that fit piles of any shape and size, engineered for exceptional durability and protection.

The patent pending DuraCinch Strapping System is sewn directly onto your cover for greater strength. Paired with our Grainmax™ and Protector™ Reinforced Covers, the sewn-on straps secure grain covers for long lasting protection against wind and weather. The custom-fit system rubs less, securely protects your investments against extreme winds and weather conditions, reduces on-pile installation time, and ensures your durable cover is reliable all season long.

Order DuraCinch now to protect millions of dollars of your investments — it’s ready for purchase and delivery today.

“We tested the DuraCinch Strapping System this season on one of our three bunkers. Nebraska was hit at 70+ MPH with a wind event and the DuraCinch pile was the only one that remained fully covered.”

— Jon Hjetland, Cargill

Greater Strength

Lasting Security

Custom Fit

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Save 15% on all grain covers and accessories when you place your order before May 1, 2022. We will match or beat any price with proof of quote.

This special includes the patent pending DuraCinch Strapping System.