Other Agricultural

Hay Covers

Large panels of DURA♦SKRIM® 8WB or 12WB, a durable string reinforced white/black laminate will provide a cost effective form of protection in comparison to costly permanent structures. Hay covers can help reduce losses and retain the nutritional value of your crop. DURA♦SKRIM® hay covers help to guard against weather damage and minimize bacteria growth. Available in large custom sizes these rolls are easy to handle and are available in a wide variety of widths and lengths.

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Confinement Building Ceiling Material

DURA♦SKRIM® 6WB & 6WW reinforced ceiling materials are designed to meet the appearance and performance requirements of today’s efficient builder. DURA♦SKRIM® 6WB will help maintain a neat and clean appearance to your ceiling. This pinhole free material protects the buildings insulation from damaging moisture and air penetration. DURA♦SKRIM® 6WB & 6WW are both highly stabilized to provide long-term service life.

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Waste Lagoon Liners

Raven provides large factory fabricated one-piece drop-in liners designed for ease of installation and to control waste seepage contamination, as well as fresh water containment for on-farm use. Raven Dura♦Skrim® N-Series is a next generation tough puncture and tear resistant reinforced liner available in smooth or textured 36 mil and 45 mils thick. These durable liners will easily outperform the older standard of 60 mil non-reinforced linings, as well as being easier to handle in the field. Raven Dura♦Skrim® N-Series is formulated with thermal and UV stabilizers to assure long service life.

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Floating Covers

Raven manufactures Dura♦Skrim® N-Series smooth or textured reinforced geomembranes to provide an extremely durable floating cover to help control and off gas methane, odor control, and to protect reservoirs from evaporation and contamination. These materials offer tough puncture and tear resistance and are available in 30 mil up to 45 mil thick. Raven’s exclusive GeoGrip™ texturing consists of durable random spikes and bidirectional bars for uniform stabilization and support.

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