NEWS - Raven announces the launch of SealFresh; a new 2-step oxygen barrier silage cover to the agricultural market, utilizing SealFresh™ and Dura-Skrim®.  Read the Press Release now!

Raven silage covers are leading the way by incorporating the latest technology to help our customers preserve the highest nutritional value from their silage. A silage cover needs to protect your pile from air and water intrusion and by selecting the highest value cover upfront; you end up with reduced dry matter losses and maximum feed freshness.  


Part # Product Name Product Type Nominal Thickness Documents
RB7WB FEEDFRESH® 1-Step Silage Cover - Reinforced Oxygen Barrier - EVOH DATA INST LIT
A5WB1 FEEDPRO-G™ Silage Cover - Contains Premium and Recycled Resins 5 Mil DATA INST LIT
R6BB DURA-SKRIM® R-Series Black Diagonal Polyester Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene 6 Mil DATA INST LIT
AB2C2 SEALFRESH™ Series 2-Step Silage Cover System – Oxygen Barrier Film 2 Mil DATA INST LIT