Vapor Retarders/Barriers

Vapor Retarders / Barriers - VaporBlock®

Vapor retarders save time, money and energy by reducing moisture migration under concrete slabs and foundations, and through inner walls and ceilings. We have a wide variety of vapor retarder products to choose from that are readily available.

VaporBlock® high performance vapor barriers/retarders are produced from state-of-the-art resins providing superior physical and performance properties that exceed all the stringent requirements of ASTM E-1745, Class A, B & C. VaporBlock 10 is available in 15’ x 200’ rolls and VaporBlock 15 in 12’ x 200’ rolls along with the select accessory items recommended. Accessory items include (VaporBond Tape) seaming tape, (Butyl Seal Tape) double-sided perimeter tape, and (VaporBoot Kit) pipe boot kit, as well as our multi-pipe penetration epoxy (POUR-N-SEAL) to provide a complete and thorough system of protection against moisture migration.

Part # Product Name Product Type Nominal Thickness Documents
VB10 VAPORBLOCK® Series Blue High-Performance Underslab Vapor Barrier 10 Mil DATA INST LIT
VB15 VAPORBLOCK® Series Blue High-Performance Underslab Vapor Barrier 15 Mil DATA INST LIT

Looking for Gas and Moisture barrier protection for vapor, radon, methane, and harmful VOCs?

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