Algae Pond Systems

Raven Engineered Films acquired Colorado Lining International (CLI) in 2017, and CLI has been a leading and pioneering force for over two decades in developing unique membrane liners and related technologies for algae production and support ponds. We understand the economic and design challenges of algae biomass production. For this reason, we are constantly developing the most cost-effective alternatives available.

CLI had successfully introduced several targeted polymers for algae raceway ponds, along with the latest fabrication and installation techniques used all over the world. We manufacture and provide the widest range and selection for membrane lining materials and have produced millions of square feet for algae applications. Raven remains fully committed to developing and implementing the latest technical advancements for this industry.

In a partnership formed by CLI and MicroBio Engineering; they developed the world’s first large-scale algae pond system in an easy to use kit format. APIAC® systems are Algae Raceway® kits designed to provide high performance pond systems that are assembled from premium grade materials and structured at an affordable price point. APIAC® systems are all inclusive and require minimal planning and resources to complete. The APIAC® systems are marketed as Algae Raceway® kits and are sold exclusively by MicroBio Engineering, Inc

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