Industrial Packaging

Raven designs and manufactures high performance polymer films and sheet for industrial packaging and OEM markets through the latest technical advancements in manufacturing. Our product expertise in formulating polymers to meet specific performance parameters is second to none; and we work closely with our clients to help tackle their most challenging requirements. Over the past 60 years, Raven has established a solid reputation for manufacturing and supplying high-quality flexible films and sheeting to major markets throughout the United States and abroad.

Raven manufacturing facilities include seven U.S. locations spanning across a 775,000 sq.ft. footprint and contains the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, including blown and cast film and sheeting, lamination/coating, conversion capabilities, and a remarkable accredited test and development facility. Standard product types for the industrial market include custom designed polymers, unique specialty cast composite component materials, textured and scrim reinforced membranes, and lamination film built to precise specifications. Our manufacturing expertise is what sets us apart from the competition by offering some of the most diversified capabilities in the industry, as well as our high standards for quality and one-on-one customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

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