Industrial Packaging

Special COVID-19 Update: Raven Engineered Films is fully operational and working directly with OEM manufacturers and fabricators who are producing PPE materials for current emergency supply requirements. Raven produces quality industrial polymer films and sheeting that can be utilized as lamination/coating sheets for other fabric or product structures, as well as wide-width plastic films with specific performance characteristics for use as durable fluid/odor/chemical barriers in protective layers and/or patterning materials for cut products.

Please use our Get Quote Now form to make a direct inquiry, and we will respond as quickly as possible to assist you with input PE materials for the production of urgently needed PPE materials. We are currently manufacturing our new BioFlex™ film series that is Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a) compliant for use in Medical Isolation Gowns meeting AAMI protection standards, contact us for full details!

Raven designs and manufactures high performance polymer films and sheeting for industrial packaging and OEM markets through the latest technical advancements in manufacturing. Our product expertise in formulating polymers to meet specific performance parameters is second to none; and we work closely with our clients to help tackle their most challenging requirements. Over the past 64 years, Raven has established a solid reputation for manufacturing and supplying high-quality flexible films and sheeting to major markets throughout the United States and abroad. Raven products are proudly manufactured in the USA through our ISO 9001 certified management system.

Raven manufacturing facilities include seven U.S. locations spanning across a 847,000 sq.ft. footprint and contains the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, including blown and cast film and sheeting, lamination/coating, conversion capabilities, and a remarkable accredited test and development facility. Standard product types for the industrial market include custom designed polymers, unique specialty cast composite component materials, textured and scrim reinforced membranes, and lamination film built to precise specifications. Our manufacturing expertise is what sets us apart from the competition by offering some of the most diversified capabilities in the industry, as well as our high standards for quality and one-on-one customer service.

Blown and Cast Extrusion Film Capabilities:

Mono-Layer up to 7-Layer Blown and Cast FilmsCast Reinforced Films up to 80 mil
Single Wound Sheeting up to 276" WideCorona Treating & Printing
Multi-Layer Film from 0.50 mil up to 80 mil Thick Large Mill Rolls up to 48” Diameter
Capable of Processing a Wide Range of ResinsSeamless Gusseted Widths up to 40’ Wide
Cast & Blown Barrier/Multi-Layer Film & Sheeting Reinforced Composite Structures up to 146”

Lamination/Coating Capabilities:

Lamination and Coating Up to 146” WideWide Range of Reinforcement Options
3 mil to 80 mil Fiber Reinforced Film & Sheeting Extrusion Lamination
Up to 146” Wide by 48” Diameter Master RollsTextured Surfaces

Converting Capabilities:

Extrusion, Hot Air & Hot Wedge WeldingContinuous Micro Perforation
High-speed Wide Width Re-RollingCustom Fabricated Step Panels
2-Color Print up to 120” Wide Web (100” Wide Print)Factory Welded Panels up to 8,000 lbs

Raw Materials Processed:

Low Density PolyethyleneLinear Low Density Polyethylene
Medium Density Polyethylene
High Density PolyethylenePolypropyleneMetallocene
Wide Range of Additives/Colors
Proprietary Custom Resin Blends


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