Raven CLI Construction

A world-class environmental installation contractor providing leading design-build, custom fabrication, and certified installation services.

U.S. based Raven Engineered Films is a 60+ year innovative leader in manufacturing advanced multi-layer films and geomembranes for effective containment of liquids, solids, odors and hazardous gases, offering an exclusive modular construction design element to fast track civil and environmental project installations. Additionally, we provide clients with design-build fabrication expertise and premier certified installation services through our subsidiary; Raven CLI Construction.

Raven CLI Construction was formed following the Raven acquisition of Colorado Lining International, Inc. (CLI) in 2017. The original company was founded in 1978 in Parker, Colorado. The team has extensive installation and custom fabrication experience, combined with over four decades of installation service and millions of square feet of fabricated and installed geomembrane and specialty materials. Our dedicated team ensures that we can provide the highest quality products, exceptional service, specialized design, fabrication and installation services to every customer every time!