Sustainable Long-Range Design Accountability

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Raven's Installation Team has over 38 years of experience in the geosynthetics industry, and we offer custom Design-Build solutions that are cost effective and reliable. Our Design-Build work optimizes project economics and ensures the most efficient containment system possible. We have thoughtfully and carefully coordinated many complicated containment systems for a range of industries!

Design-Build Experience

  • Hydro-Cap™ Floating Covers — Evaporation, Algae, & Insulated
  • Odor Containment Floating Cover
  • Water Storage & Cover Systems — Water Storage & Cover Project Profile
  • Clear Wells — Baffle Systems
  • Tank Liners, Covers, & Secondary Containment for Tanks

The Raven Design-Build Process Includes:

  • Engineering Support
  • Experience and Knowledge — Our installation technicians and supervisors have vast knowledge and experience with installation on complicated construction sites.
  • Vast Product Knowledge — Our staff estimators have worked in the field and have the product knowledge necessary for design-build projects.
  • Thoughtful Collaboration — We also work with your staff engineers & project owners to write specifications for your project.
  • Auto-CAD Drawings and Details