Ag Cover Recycling Program Now Available!


Did you know that in addition to manufacturing the highest quality custom grain cover systems and accessories on the market, Raven grain covers can now be easily recycled through our “Ag Cover Recycling Program”? 

The Raven Ag Recovery Program provides a cover pick-up service to customers purchasing Raven GrainMax™ or Protector™ covers, as well as to others purchasing competitor covers who place an order for Raven material. (Yes, you read that correct, competitor covers qualify as well, we will pick up your used grain covers with the purchase of a Raven grain cover!) 

Contact Jeany Hesse today, at +1 (800) 635-3456, to learn more about the Raven Ag Cover Recycling Program.

Raven Protector with External WebNet Strap System.jpgRaven GrainMax with Internal Fortress Strap System.jpg