Meet us (#4218) at A'19 Conference in Las Vegas June 6-8 | VAPOR INTRUSION BARRIERS - Gift Card Giveaway!


AIA Conference 2019 June 6-8

If you are attending the AIA 19’ conference in Las Vegas this year, we invite you to stop by the Raven booth (#4218) to learn more about the latest barrier technology used to control under-concrete-slab vapor intrusion. We are featuring proven (Div. 07) VaporBlock® underslab vapor barriers and high-tech VaporBlock® Plus™ underslab gas and moisture barriers, along with our durable Dura♦Skrim® scrim-reinforced jobsite enclosure films.

VaporBlock® Plus™ underslab barrier solutions prevent the migration of moisture, radon, methane, and harmful VOCs and is manufactured specifically to mitigate hazardous vapor intrusion from damaging indoor air quality and affecting the safety and health of building occupants. Additionally, be sure to take our continuing education course on the critical elements of specifying underslab barriers.

A quality under-concrete-slab gas barrier is considered one of the most effective jobsite components in successfully controlling indoor air quality. Get the facts about true under-concrete-slab gas barriers; advanced EVOH barriers block over 100 times more radon, methane, and hazardous VOCs than other standard polyethylene barriers.

Raven is dedicated to providing continuing education to increase industry technical knowledge through our free online, anytime, distance-learning AIA approved course (hosted on the AEC Daily online learning center). Raven is an approved provider of an AIA/CES course titled “Critical Elements in Specifying Underslab Moisture & Gas Barriers”, this course provides (1) Health, Safety, Welfare Credit Hour or Learning Unit.

We hope to see you at the show! Be sure to stop by and speak with our construction specialists and sign-up for our VISA gift card giveaway, at the booth — winner will be drawn on the last day of the show!

Resilient High-Performance Vapor Barriers

VaporBlock® Series — Quality multi-layer, underslab vapor barriers, produced with 100% virgin-grade resin to provide superior strength and ultra-low permeance. A high impact barrier is critical in the overall function and performance of an impermeable barrier by withstanding the duress of job-site installation.

  • Ultra-Low Permeance
  • Superior Puncture Resistance
  • Exceeds ASTM E 1745, Class A
Leading EVOH Gas and Moisture Barrier

VaporBlock® Plus™ is a seven-layer underslab gas/moisture barrier produced with the latest in EVOH barrier technology and backed by industry testing for optimal performance. EVOH blocks over 100 times more radon, methane & VOCs than standard polyethylene.

  • Effective Barrier for Methane, Radon, & VOCs
  • EVOH Blocks 100x More Gas
  • Exceeds ASTM E 1745, Class A
Reliable Jobsite Enclosure Protection

Raven reinforced Dura♦Skrim® building enclosure films are produced from quality materials and are built to outperform the competition. Keep working through bad weather with tough, reliable, Dura♦Skrim® enclosure films. Available in regular and fire-retardant reinforced polyethylene.

  • High-Strength Flexible Polyethylene
  • Uniform Tear Resistance
  • Meet Fire Retardant Specs (FR)