New! Raven Technical Paper Released - Protecting EPS Geofoam with Advanced Geomembrane Technology


Title: Advanced Geomembrane Technology for Enhanced Protection of EPS Geofoam in Transportation Systems

Technical Paper Summary - This paper examines the effectiveness of polyolefin geomembranes used to protect and encapsulate construction grade expanded polystyrene (EPS), or geofoam, which is dimensionally sensitive to hydrocarbons when utilized as a foundation material. This study shows comprehensive results directly corresponding to permeation resistance to gasoline, which causes rapid degradation to blocks of EPS geofoam and reviews a group of commonly used protective geomembranes that provide some significant findings in as little as a few hours of exposure. Read the entire technical paper HERE.

Authored by Raven Engineered Films, Inc., Eric Schmid, Harry Harlow, Dan Smith, and Steve Redford

Publication: This technical paper was originally published and presented in the Geosynthetics Conference 2019 proceedings.

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