RAVEN Early Buy Pre-Season Grain Cover Special - JAN 1 -- APR 30, 2020


Raven Early Buy Pre-Season Special* opened on January 1, 2020!

Contact Raven today, to discuss your storage cover needs for the upcoming grain season. Order early and save by purchasing manufacturer direct for a 15% discount on GrainMax™ and Protector™ grain storage covers, and Fortress™ and WebNet™ secondary protection systems during this limited program ending April 30, 2020. This special includes free storage until August 1, 2020 along with additional discounts for any qualified strap returns. Contact Jeany Hesse at +1 (800) 635-3456 or via email at efdag@ravenind.com.

*The Raven Early Buy Pre-Season Special requires all orders to be invoiced upon product completion with payment due in accordance to account terms, Additionally, all orders must be shipped prior to August 1, 2020 to qualify for promotional pricing.