See Raven (Booth 80) ND Grain Dealers Show Jan 20-22 | Early-Buy Cover Special Going On Now!


To everyone who will be attending the ND Grain Dealers Show next week, Jan 20-23, in Fargo, we invite you to stop by the Raven booth #80. At the show we are featuring our total system approach in grain cover solutions, custom fabricated covers to fit any shape and size pile for temporary grain storage in durable scrim-reinforced GrainMax™, woven-coated Protector™, and longer-term vinyl covering materials.

Ask about our easy to install RainFlap™ seaming system to help fully optimize your installation process. Raven WebNet™ (External Strap Systems) and Fortress™ (Internal Strap Systems) are available in light and heavy-duty options, and provide reliable secondary grain cover protection. We also accept any qualified strap return and offer up to 50% discount credit toward a new strap order next year!

RAVEN NEWS! - We have started our “Early-Buy Preseason Grain Cover Special” and are currently taking orders! Stop and see Jeany at the show to inquire.

We hope to see you all at the show! Be sure to stop by and speak with Jeany about your cover needs and sign up for a chance to win one of our Visa Gift Card drawings — winner will be drawn on the last day of the show!

Raven standard grain cover designs are listed below:

Executive Cover - Conical shaped, 4-piece design, stepped, custom-fitted, RainFlap™ seams, YokeLift™ system.

Economy Cover - 4-piece design, flat non-fitted, stepped, YokeLift™ system, and RainFlap™ seaming option additional.

Rectangle/Oval – One-piece covers or if needed multi-piece designs, with RainFlap™ seaming option additional, rounded covers may include stepping to reduce excess material weight.

Be sure to ask about our exclusive offerings for secondary grain cover protection through WebNet™ (External Strap Systems) and our innovative Fortress™ (Internal Strap Systems). WebNet™ External Strap Systems are available in heavy and light duty options and are designed in individual webbing sections for ease-of-use, sections can be added or removed without uninstalling the entire net system. The Fortress™ Internal Strap Systems integrate securing straps directly into the cover design allowing for individual strap release to open partial sections of the pile without removing the entire protection system.

Raven grain covers solutions are designed with the user in mind, by targeting simple and effective cover installations. Our easy-to-use custom RainFlap™ seaming method utilizes a quick seal Velcro™ attachment for the joining of panels, removing the need to use heavy sewing or sealing equipment to seam panels. The Raven YokeLift™ system increases tarp strength and decreases cover stress in the lift ring area where the greatest stress point is during installation. YokeLift™ systems are produced from heavy-duty vinyl tarp material and securely fasten to a more cost-effective polyethylene tarp to reduce cost, while still providing superior cover performance.