​Visit Raven at the Int’l Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water & Energy | EVOH Gas Barriers Prevent Vapor-Intrusion


Visit Raven (#B10) at the Int’l Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water & Energy | EVOH Gas Barriers Prevent Vapor-Intrusion

Raven is exhibiting at the Int’l conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy in Amherst, MA, on October 16-19, 2017, be sure to stop by our booth #B10. We will be featuring our widely specified VaporBlock® Plus™ high performance underslab gas and moisture barrier, and our targeted Absolute Barrier® gas barrier geomembranes. Raven multi-layer gas barriers are manufactured with the latest EVOH barrier technology to mitigate hazardous vapor intrusion from damaging indoor air quality, and the safety and health of building occupants. A quality under-concrete-slab gas barrier is considered one of the most effective jobsite components in successfully controlling indoor air quality.

You can Breathe Easy with a Quality EVOH Gas Barrier Installed!

  • EVOH barriers block over 100x more gas than leading high performance vapor barriers.
  • Tested and verified for unsurpassed protection against BTEX, TCE, PCE, methane, radon, other toxic chemicals and odors.
  • Multi-layer technically advanced gas barriers for superior chemical resistance and unmatched durability.
  • Directly addresses vapor intrusion to promote the sustainable cleanup and redevelopment of environmentally impaired sites.

Raven Vaporblock® Plus™ is an underslab gas and moisture barrier used to control the migration of radon, methane, and other harmful VOCs. We also manufacture a complete line of Absolute Barrier® EVOH gas barrier geomembranes for more critical applications requiring onsite seam weld-ability and professional installation; used for under-concrete-slabs, as well as in exposed applications.

Raven is dedicated to providing continuing education to increase industry technical knowledge through our free online, anytime, distance-learning AIA approved course (hosted on the AEC Daily online learning center). Raven is an approved provider of an AIA/CES course titled “Critical Elements in Specifying Underslab Moisture & Gas Barriers”, this course provides (1) Health, Safety, Welfare Credit Hour or Learning Unit.