BENTOMAT® 600CL B-Series (B600CL)

Bentomat® 600CL is a non-reinforced composite laminate geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) consisting of bentonite clay and a flexible plastic membrane. The bentonite clay is encapsulated between woven and nonwoven geotextiles that are needle-punched together, and the flexible plastic membrane is laminated to the outer geotextile surface. Composite laminate GCLs have a maximum permeability 200 times less than conventional compacted clay liners and 10 times less than standard bentonite-based GCLs.

Bentomat® 600CL geo clay liners can completely or partially replace thick, multi lift compacted clay layers in composite landfill liners and caps due to the efficiency of the high swelling natural sodium bentonite clay. Bentonite-based GCLs are designed to provide a hydraulic barrier against many leachates. The swelling bentonite fills up pore space and constricts flow paths to water, resulting in a low-permeability hydraulic barrier.

Bentomat® is a registered trademark of Cetco®.