FEEDFRESH® 1-Step Silage Cover (RB7WB)

FeedFresh® Reinforced Oxygen Barrier (1-Step) Silage Cover is providing incredible value and profit to dairy and cattle operations across the country through superior strength and oxygen-blocking protection for maximum forage freshness.

FeedFresh® is a ten-layer reinforced extrusion welded laminate. The outer layers are produced from flexible high-strength premium polyethylene resins for optimal performance. FeedFresh® is produced with the latest in barrier technology and contains an inner layer of EVOH barrier resin to provide a virtually zero oxygen transmission rate.

FeedFresh® outer layers include carbon black (black side), and UV and thermal stabilizers (white side) to increase outdoor longevity. FeedFresh® is reinforced with a high denier scrim laid in a diagonal pattern spaced 3/8˝ apart with an additional machine direction scrim every 9˝ across the width to provide uniform tear resistance and excellent durability.