GRAINMAX™ Grain Covers are produced with our patented DURA-SKRIM string reinforced material. Raven Industries, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength grain pile covers and produces one of the strongest, most reliable covers on the market today. Raven GrainMax has become the cover of choice among many of the storage facilities throughout the grain regions of the United States due to its superior features and wide range of large custom sizes. GrainMax covers are manufactured using layers of high-strength polyethylene and bonding layer(s) of molten polyethylene. Diagonal polyester scrim reinforcement is placed between these plies to greatly enhance tear resistance and increase service life. GrainMax Grain Covers are available in three product levels ranging from light-weight to heavy-weight durability.

GrainMax™ GM is a durable lightweight cover designed for short term cover applications with longevity expectations of up to 12 months.

GrainMax™ Pro GMP is our most popular cover and an excellent choice for a mid-term application.

GrainMax™ Ultra GMU is our heaviest scrim reinforced grain cover designed with exceptional tear and puncture strengths to withstand more demanding conditions for up to 2 years of service.

All GrainMax covers are UV and thermally stabilized and contain a white outer surface to minimize heat buildup and condensation.