Accessory Tapes and Epoxy


This white single-sided tape combines a heavy duty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive. VaporBond Tape offers excellent seaming capabilities for our materials with an "Easy Tear" feature to reduce installation time. TVB4 has a WVTR of 0.18 perms per ASTM D 833. Typical applications include vapor retarders, covers and liners.

Available in a 4" x 210' roll.


R25B TAPE (R25B)

R25B Tape is a single sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene. The black polymer backing and adhesive is specially formulated to provide years of performance even in direct sunlight. A poly release liner provides for ease of installation.

Available in a 4" x 100' roll.



VaporSeal™ Tape is a patented single-sided 7-layer gas barrier tape with a release liner for ease of installation. The backing contains a layer of highly impermeable EVOH designed to block migration of radon, methane and VOC's. An aggressive acrylic adhesive provides outstanding adhesion to polyethylene over a wide temperature range. Typical uses include joining, repairing and sealing gas/moisture barriers.

Available in 4" x 160' and 12" x 50' rolls.



Butyl seal is a double-sided aggressive reinforced black butyl rubber tape used to join panels of polyethylene and polypropylene together by overlapping the edges and applying Butyl Seal in between. It is also used to adhere to concrete walls and footings when properly prepared. Butyl Seal is non-hardening and flexible.

Available in 2" x 50' and 6" x 50' rolls.



VaporBoot Tape is a single-sided elastomeric butyl tape used to complete pipe boot installations (sealing the boot to the pipe). The 100% stretchable Butyl adhesive features excellent adhesion values and 3-D stretching that can be easily molded to multiple surfaces without any creases and folds.

Available in 2" x 16.4' roll.


POUR-N-SEAL™ is a gray two part medium viscosity high strength epoxy used to seal around multiple pipe penetrations in tight areas where pipe boots are not practical, when installing VaporBlock moisture and gas barriers. (Adhesive backed 1" weather stripping foam required—sold separately).



Protector™ Seal Tape is a single-sided clear woven tape that contains an acrylic adhesive with a release liner. It has excellent adhesion to polyethylene and the acrylic adhesive provides longer life than many competitive tapes. It is recommended for repairing and seaming polyethylene covers and liners.

Available in a 6" x 63' roll.