Additional Accessories


The VaporBoot System is designed to assist in securing pipe and other penetrations that run vertically through the vapor retarder material. The VaporBoot System offers a quick solution and is delivered to the jobsite in a complete package including 25 VaporBoots and application tape to complete the installation. VaporBoots are produced from high performance VaporBlock® material and are 18" x 18" with a precut center marker.


VaporBoot Plus Preformed Pipe Boots are produced from heavy 40 mil co-extruded polyethylene and barrier resins for excellent strength and durability. The preformed boots are stepped to fit 1" to 4" wide pipe penetrations. VaporBoot Plus Preformed Pipe Boots are available in quantities of 12 per box.


Dura-Skrim reinforced sandbags are used to secure large covers and liners to prevent wind damage. Made from Dura-Skrim 8 & 12 mil reinforced polyethylene, they are designed for a minimum life of 2 years in exposed applications. These 15" wide x 24" long bags will hold 35 lbs. Sandbags are available in other Raven reinforced materials with minimum order requirements. 11.8" Cable Ties are available.


These full size clips are 11" long and fit most commercial scaffolding. Dura-Clips will securely fasten your poly sheeting to scaffolding, reducing wind whip and increasing the life of your enclosure. Clips are normally placed about every 3' onto the enclosure.


Tie-Down Buttons & Tarp Grabbers help keep plastic sheeting securely in place. Tie-Down Buttons are designed to eliminate traditional grommets in plastic sheeting up to 10 mil thick and are reusable plastic fittings that are easy to install in any position. Tarp Grabbers are up to 4 times stronger than a brass grommet and are typically used in heavier plastic sheeting from 10 mil to 30 mil thick. Great for equipment covers, large storage covers and truck tarps.


Raven Welding Rod is used for field seaming, repairs and detail work, such as installing pipe boots. Packaged in 10 lb spools, it is available in 4mm and 5mm sizes to fit most brands of extrusion guns. Raven Welding Rod is made from a thermally UV stabilized LLDPE resin and is available in both black and white to correspond with the color of geomembranes being utilized.