New 2-Step OTR Silage Cover – Advanced Barrier Technology Sets the Gold Standard

New SealFresh® Gold™ Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover sets the “Gold Standard” as the newest addition to our popular SealFresh® oxygen barrier line, and is the very latest in 2-step silage covering materials. Featuring proven EVOH barrier technology to substantially reduce feed spoilage and maximize overall silage value. SealFresh® barriers should be the first step of any two-part silage covering system to reduce feed waste and maximize freshness by minimizing the amount of oxygen passing into the pile. Raven Dura♦Skrim® string-reinforced white/black is recommended as step-2 in this cover system to block UV and thermal rays from reaching the pile.

SealFresh® Gold™ is a non-reinforced 2 mil gold oxygen barrier offering a low-weight to high-strength ratio designed for excellent pliability to cling against the pile and maintain maximum forage freshness. All SealFresh™ products are accordion-folded and rolled on a core to optimize cover deployment and handling.

Raven 2-step SealFresh® Gold™ Oxygen Barriers can help to increase the bottom-line for dairy and cattle producers by maintaining a high-quality silage throughout the bunker. By improving palatability results and increasing consumption through a more consistent feed intake, cows can produce additional pounds of milk for dairy producers, and steer/heifers can increase gain-per-day for cattle producers.

Raven also manufacturers industry leading FeedFresh®; the only 1-step reinforced oxygen barrier silage cover to maximize forage freshness through EVOH technology. Raven’s exceptional 60-year history of product innovation, ISO 9001 certified management system, and highest level of customer service and support, provide even more reasons to look to Raven for all your agricultural covering needs.