The new SealFresh® Gold™ Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover sets the “Gold Standard” as the newest addition to our popular SealFresh® oxygen barrier line, and is the very latest in 2-step silage covering materials. Featuring proven EVOH barrier technology to substantially reduce feed spoilage and maximize overall silage value. SealFresh® barriers should be the first step of any two-part silage covering system to reduce feed waste and maximize freshness by minimizing the amount of oxygen passing into the pile. Raven Dura♦Skrim® string-reinforced white/black is recommended as step-2 in this cover system to block UV and thermal rays from reaching the pile.

SealFresh® Gold™ Oxygen Barrier uses advanced barrier technology from our proven FeedFresh® Silage Cover (Reinforced 1-Step Cover), and our extensive knowledge designing multi-layer gas barrier membranes. This contributes to the extremely low oxygen transmission rate of SealFresh® Gold™ at 1.04 cc/m􀃱/day! This value equates to SealFresh® Gold™ blocking over 300 times more oxygen transfer than a traditional agricultural black/white silage cover.

  • Lowest OTR (1.04 cc/m²/day)
  • High Strength Virgin Grade Film
  • Easily Conforms to Surface
  • Accordion Folded Panels