SealFresh™ is multi-layer non-reinforced 2 mil clear oxygen barrier offering a low-weight to high-strength ratio designed for high flexibility and ease of installation. SealFresh™ oxygen barrier film is the first step in this 2-step silage covering system designed to prevent oxygen from reaching the feed while preserving valuable nutrients. SealFresh™ is the base layer placed directly against the pile, just below the primary exposed cover. The second step in this system utilizes Raven’s tough Dura-Skrim® string-reinforced cover, designed to block UV rays and provide long-term durability. Raven also offers an alternative outer cover, called FeedPro-G, in a white/black non-reinforced option that incorporates recycled resins in the core layer as an economical solution. SealFresh™ oxygen barrier is formulated to be flexible and conforming for easy installation — with an accordion-folded roll configuration to optimize deployment. SealFresh™ is designed to cling to the silage pile for peak fermentation conditions and stabilize the forage to reduce dry matter losses; this allows for maximum feed forage freshness.

SealFresh™ (2-Step Cover System) - Step #1 - Non-reinforced 2 mil Oxygen Multi-Layer Barrier. Step #2 – Dura-Skrim® 6 mil black/white string-reinforced outer cover.

  • High Strength & Puncture Resistance
  • Lowest 2-Step OTR at 1.6 CC/M²/DAY
  • Accordion-Folded for Quick Deployment