SOILSEAL™ Series (Broadcast)

SoilSeal™ is manufactured from linear-low-density premium polyethylene in a multi-layer film configuration to provide exceptional tear and impact strength, ease of installation and removal, and long-term field performance. SoilSeal™ is available in broadcast and row mulch (SoilSeal™ RM) films and is manufactured using a blown-extrusion process that orients the film in both machine and transverse directions, providing superior strength characteristics. SoilSeal™ surpasses expectations by providing the right balance of durability required to withstand installation and removal duress, along with high flexibility to easily conform to uneven surfaces. SoilSeal™ contains thermal and UV stabilizers to increase outdoor longevity for up to one season depending on location. SoilSeal™ high-performance fumigation film is fully certified under California DPR's MB rating.

The SoilSeal™ Series includes:
SoilSeal™ - Fumigation Film - Broadcast | 1.0 Mil
SoilSeal™ RM - Fumigation Film - Row Mulch | 1.1 Mil | 1.2 Mil