Raven Industries Closed Deal to Acquire Colorado Lining International

2020: Raven CLI Construction is the installation services segment and a subsidiary of Raven Engineered Films within their geomembrane business unit. Raven CLI Construction provides design/build expertise for geomembrane liner and cover projects, builds custom fabrication work for projects, and provides certified world-class installation and maintenance/inspection services. Please see the original press release below referring to the acquisition of Colorado Lining International (now Raven CLI Construction) in 2017.

2017 Press Release:

We are pleased to announce that Raven Industries' Engineered Films division has reached an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Colorado Lining International, headquartered in Parker, Colorado. Effective, September 1, 2017, the two companies will conduct business as Raven Industries, Inc. This acquisition will strengthen our current product offerings and expand Colorado Lining International's value proposition within the geosynthetic industry by joining forces with one of the most advanced geomembrane manufacturers in the nation. Raven will become a full-service provider offering product design, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation services.

Colorado Lining International, Inc. was established in 1978 and is a well-respected company in the geosynthetic industry and has fabricated, designed, and installed some of the most reliable high-performance lining systems in the world. For over 60 years, Raven has been a leader in creating and manufacturing innovative new products for the geomembrane industry. These unique core capabilities complement one another, providing exceptional synergies and opportunities for future growth. Customers can expect to have even more choices of specialty geosynthetic materials, fabrication, and installation options available than ever before.

  • Colorado Lining International and Raven will now have custom fabrication facilities located in four states including SD, CO, TX, and CA, with headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • You can continue to work with your existing Raven sales team.
  • You can expect to receive the same comprehensive service as we integrate this acquisition, with additional product offerings and geosynthetic services coming soon.

Raven plans to integrate the Colorado Lining International team into their Engineered Films group, combining the fabrication capabilities and product selection. We will also operate the installation services segment of Colorado Lining International under Raven Engineered Films and continue to work with proven installers across the country to provide exceptional service to the marketplace. This will extend our sales and service reach in the geosynthetics industry and serve as a comprehensive source for our customers.

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Raven Industries Closes Deal to Acquire Colorado Lining International

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