About Raven Engineered Films


Raven Engineered Films is an innovative 60+ year manufacturer of high-quality flexible film and sheeting to major market segments in North America and abroad. Our world-class manufacturing operations include six locations nationwide, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and proven product expertise to provide the most cutting-edge product solutions in the industry. Raven capabilities include multi-layer blown/cast film and sheeting, reinforced cast/lamination, conversion, custom fabrication, composite films and structures, along with a remarkable accredited test and development facility. Additionally, we take our environmental geosynthetics products a step further by providing clients with design-build fabrication expertise and premier certified installation services through our subsidiary; Raven CLI Construction. Learn more about our standard application product lines here...

At Raven, we partner with our customers and work closely through a six-stage technical development process up front to create next generation lighter, thinner, stronger film and sheeting formulations that provide value-add, competitive end-product solutions to outperform heavier-thicker and outdated materials in the industry.

All Raven products developed and produced in our South Dakota and Texas facilities are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment under our stringent ISO 9001 certified management system to assure we achieve complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all phases of our business. Our newest facility located in Waynesboro, Virginia will operate in compliance with all internal quality control standards, and is targeted to begin future preparations in attaining ISO 9001 certification status.

Our experienced sales team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and support throughout the entire process. Feel free to contact us at efdsales [at] ravenind.com or 1-800-635-3456 with any questions, or submit our Design New Product form to obtain information on a specific product or project requirement.

Solving Great Challenges.

Raven Industries' purpose to Solve Great Challenges is bold and authentic; it keeps us grounded in markets that have meaning, provide profitable growth, and align with our values. We are focused on the Great Challenges of feeding a growing population by improving agricultural efficiency around the world, protecting our natural resources, saving and improving lives through advanced situational awareness, and connecting the world with leading technologies.

Raven Engineered Films provides high-quality flexible films and sheeting that solve demanding application challenges in the field. With a focus on preserving and enhancing customer investments while protecting Earth's resources, Raven develops thinner, lighter, stronger films and sheeting solutions that integrate sustainable environmental design practices for long-range performance.

Raven is:

  • An innovative top-tier manufacturer of flexible film and sheeting. A major market supplier to Industrial, Construction, Agricultural, Energy, and Environmental Industries.
  • Developing and producing innovative OEM composite films and structures, through wide-width cast lamination capabilities.
  • An experienced provider with up to 9-layer blown sheeting capabilities, lamination/coating of reinforced materials, and large factory-welded panels up to 8,000 lbs or 4-acres depending on thickness.
  • A nation-wide provider with seven strategically located facilities located in South Dakota, California, West Virginia and Texas.
  • Committed to total customer service excellence through our ISO 9001 certified management system.
  • Dedicated to leading-edge new product solutions through our comprehensive development solutions center, streamlining the process from conceptual design to full-scale production.
  • A first choice in quality, housing an accredited laboratory with the latest in testing equipment (GAI-LAP Accredited).
  • An industry provider of super-stabilized geomembranes meeting GRI-GM standards and critical NSF certifications.
  • Full-service solutions through our turn-key environmental design-build and certified installation services.
  • An employer of nearly 500 dedicated team members taking pride in their work to exceed customer expectations.

Why choose Raven Engineered Films?

You can draw on our 60 plus years of experience, gained from producing millions of pounds of polyethylene each year. Raven's extensive engineering and R&D efforts are focused on developing customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our manufacturing ability and commitment to operational excellence is what sets us apart from the competition. We offer some of the most diversified capabilities in the industry in conjunction with our high standards for one-on-one customer service and quality.