Raven EFD Operations Team Spotlight


Raven’s history of success is the direct result of our extremely talented and hard-working team members. Our strength as a company has always been our desire and drive to Solve Great Challenges. Today, our operational team shares a tremendous drive to develop and create the highest quality products for our customers.

Through a commitment of excellence to building leading products and services, our team members take their responsibilities seriously and interject their own pride-in-workmanship as they make great impacts at Raven Engineered Films. Through our featured spotlight series we invite you to meet a few of the faces behind the products that our team proudly manufactures.

All Raven products are manufactured with pride in the USA through our stringent ISO 9001 certified management system.

Meet Casey Lillefloren, one of our Production Supervisors for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Team Highlight for Casey:

Casey takes pride in his supervisory role and being part of the committed team at Raven. He feels when you start with a service and quality mindset, and your team strives to find the best solutions to even the toughest challenges; there is no bar too high for us to reach. Raven Engineered Films employs a team of over 400 members across seven locations in the United States and draws on the vast team experience to bring product solutions to fruition. Casey has seen many new product solutions come through operations over his time at Raven, and yet is still surprised when something comes up the pipe that he wasn't even aware we were capable of producing! Raven tackles new product challenges as a unified team to meet the needs of a fast-paced world with a mission to protect Earth's resources through innovative specialty film and sheeting.

Casey enjoys being part of a hard-working team that brings products from design to execution and ultimately delivers customers' best value. He is proud of Raven's agility to produce high-performance plastics with the highest level of quality and still be able to do a 180 degree pivot when the challenge arises. Throughout these unprecedented times we are all living through in 2020, Casey states he was highly impressed to see how Raven was able to take our unified operational process and adjust production on the fly to respond to the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE). Raven designed and developed a rapid response through a new polymer film named BioFlex™—a polyethylene input film used for manufacturing medical isolation gowns to meet stringent compliance for AAMI protection standards, levels 1-3 and the Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a). Casey also highlights how he has seen the same impressive performance as Raven fulfills immediate response orders for federal emergency tarps that globally aid in disaster relief for urgently needed shelter and roofing applications in hurricane-damaged areas.

Learn more about a Raven team response for PPE essential products through BioFlex™ I-Series film for medical isolation gown manufacturing here.

Meet Cheryl Butler, our Marketing Manager for Raven Engineered Films in Sioux Falls, SD!

Product Highlight for Cheryl:

With 37 years of inspired service at Raven, Cheryl appreciates her position and takes pride in developing and creating targeted marketing initiatives to promote the high-quality products and services of Raven Engineered Films. Her extensive career with Raven has contributed to a strong knowledge base of operations, capabilities, products, sales, and marketing efforts. Cheryl appreciates the rewarding opportunity to be associated with a dynamic, inspiring team that shares values and authenticity in the promotion and conversations around our leading products and services. She credits the operations team as being at the heart of Raven's success through their steadfast commitment to pride-in-workmanship conveyed in every product produced! Cheryl believes that creating targeted account-based marketing is essential in earning trust and building strong customer relationships through a commitment of integrity and transparency in product promotion. She uses this basis to create effective marketing strategies to pinpoint our market objectives through a tactical promotional approach using the latest technical attributes.

One highlight in the cutting-edge product innovations that Cheryl is passionate about promoting is Absolute Barrier®—an advanced 7-layer barrier geomembrane series that integrates premium resins and a chemically-resistant progressive barrier layer. Absolute Barrier® geomembranes provide next-generation protection and are specified in environmental containment applications for hazardous gases, odors, liquids, and solids—to protect precious groundwaters and soils from the toxic contamination of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cheryl appreciates the comprehensive commitment and vetting Raven adheres to during development to provide conclusive technical results. With this support, Cheryl can be highly-disciplined in developing best practices in continuous education and awareness around leading technologies to create inspiring market campaigns and bold strategies in the marketplace. With every product promotion, Cheryl engages the forward-thinking philosophy at Raven and their mission to create high-quality products that solve great challenges and protect Earth's resources!

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Meet Charlie Vandersnick, one of our Production Supervisors for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Team Highlight for Charlie:

Charlie takes pride in his position as a Raven Production Supervisor and is truly inspired by the total team commitment and environment at Raven that he feels fortunate to be a part of on a daily basis. Raven Engineered Films has established work centers in the standard workflow of our quality products, and Charlie leads a talented team in the early extrusion process for our specialty film and sheeting operation—taking resin from pellets to finished form of extruded high-grade flexible plastics. Charlie explains his manufacturing role as highly rewarding being able to work with a committed team that works cohesively to adhere to the strict conformance of our ISO 9001 certified management system as we build consistency and quality into every product produced.

A project highlight for Charlie, is his opportunity to be involved in something bigger, that has a real impact on so many individuals following a natural disaster. Raven manufactures and provides emergency disaster relief/recovery films along with urgently needed personal protective equipment products (PPE), through temporary roofing, shelters, and other critically solicited PPE products. Charlie notes, that Raven uses a comprehensive 24/7 priority-operations plan that is used to scale and allocate dedicated capacity resources utilized for the immediate processing and output of the urgently needed relief products. Raven has proudly assisted with federal emergency response business for decades working through distributors and directly with the United States Government under their Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Charlie has been involved in this essential plan of action, remembering some unprecedented hurricane years on record that required major capacity. This plan strategically allocates select resources and dedicates capacity with the full energies of a cross-departmental team response.

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Meet Joseph Ziegahn, one of our Large Machine Operators for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Team Highlight for Joseph:

For Joseph, his position as a large machine operator involves many challenging scenarios to conquer in the demanding environment of extruding quality polymer film and sheeting. Joseph starts each new day as a good day, he truly enjoys his important role in setting up extrusion orders and running advanced processing equipment per the stringent requirements of our ISO 9001 certified management system. Raven Engineered Films’ extensive manufacturing capabilities include multi-layer blown and cast extrusion, lamination/coating, custom fabrication, converting and printing. Joseph appreciates the strong team environment that enables him to use his job skills to the fullest by multi-tasking and trouble-shooting the various demands of processing high-quality polymer products.

Joseph believes in focusing on self-improvement and staying busy with no time to criticize the work of others — while never losing focus on the overall improvement of our team and processes. Joseph notes that it is heartening in an ever-changing world to work for a company that produces quality products that genuinely make a difference. He has taken advantage of the multi-level training opportunities at Raven to become certified in operational and troubleshooting competencies for producing quality films on state-of-the-art extrusion equipment. Joseph uses his level of expertise to improve product processing efficiency and procedures while providing training and assistance to his team. This allows Joseph and his team to focus on continuous improvements in their daily work through internal and external feedback — guaranteeing Raven products are produced to the highest quality standards!

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Meet Abby Vostad, our Business Support Specialist for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Abby:

Abby enjoys her unique position that provides the opportunity to work within the operational team functions across Raven Engineered Films’ on a daily basis — while leading a culture that cares, collaborates, delivers, and focuses on solutions! As a Business Support Specialist, Abby supports several teams within the division and performs a wide variety of tasks each day. She is committed to building an environment where all of our team members are valued and respected at every level! Abby takes pride in being a champion for our people and our team!

For Abby, one of the most rewarding aspects of her position is developing relationships with her fellow team members and getting to work alongside them every day. She truly appreciates seeing the commitment and drive of our dedicated team – not only to provide the best service and products to our customers but to also provide the best service to their fellow team members! Raven’s values are not just written on the walls, they are lived out at every level in our organization and Abby is extremely proud to be part of a team leading the way!

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Meet Zach Neubert, one of our Project Managers for the Raven EFD Development Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Zach:

Zach is extremely proud of his efforts as a Project Manager for Raven Engineered Films bold new strategic platform — Raven Composites™! A strategic growth initiative to expand and position Engineered Films as an industry leader within the composites sector. Our team will create next generation solutions to deliver thinner, stronger and lighter composites to multiple end markets as a superior alternative to heavier existing materials such as wood, metal and other thicker plastics. Zach has found working on this new initiative to be highly exciting and incredibly rewarding!

Development work for our Composites initiative has touched numerous departments across the division and requires a true commitment from Zach to manage the various efforts surrounding this venture! During his time on the project, Zach has developed a deep appreciation for the level of commitment and dedication Raven team members demonstrate on a daily basis. These conductive synergies will result in advanced new composites that are significantly lighter in weight, while greatly improving strength, durability and lifecycle to provide industry-leading solutions!

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Meet Nicholas Polanec, one of our Large Machines Operators for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Team Highlight for Nicholas:

For Nicholas, one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of his position as an operator has been learning all the technical complexities required for the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at Raven! Nicholas notes advanced manufacturing equipment and high operational standards give Raven the competitive edge in our ability to produce and provide industry leading products. The extensive manufacturing capabilities at Raven are highly comprehensive in scope and include multi-layer blown and cast film/sheet extrusion, lamination/coating, custom fabrication, converting and printing.

Nicholas has cross-trained and taken advantage of the technical training programs at Raven, as a world-class manufacturer continuous training is vital to stay aligned with the latest technology and expand team member experience that contributes to high product quality and innovation. Raven houses some of the largest 7-layer blown extrusion lines in North America – these unique lines are capable of producing the widest and thickest barrier structures available in the industry! Nicholas has enjoyed tackling the challenges as he expands his technical training! He is grateful to be part of the committed and talented team who works together to efficiently meet customer deliveries!

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Meet Jared Mackowski, one of our Process Technicians for the Raven EFD Development Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Team Highlight for Jared:

Jared is proud of his involvement in the development and execution of the Raven Action Team! The Raven Action Team was established within Raven Engineered Films operations to brainstorm process techniques that promote real-time communications between the various operational shifts. This team consists of operators across every shift and is determined to achieve a common goal — ensure information is being communicated resourcefully to guarantee smooth transitions between shift changes! As implemented, this process saves valuable time as shift changes transpire and allows the team to focus their efforts on producing high-quality products throughout all stages of production!

To Jared, the results of the teams’ efforts and hard work further demonstrate the strong commitment of our team members in Engineered Films! He is pleased to be a part of a team that dedicates their energy into producing leading materials – from product production at the line, to the rigorous quality testing, to continuously reviewing our operational procedures to discover new opportunities for improvement. Jared feels that the EFD team excels at consistently providing superior service every step of the way to guarantee the best quality products are delivered to our customers!

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Meet Brian Carda, our Director of Manufacturing for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Brian:

With over 26 years at Raven Industries, Brian has been involved in a multitude of various projects and innovations throughout the company and is gratified for the opportunities in his role that have provided valuable experience throughout each of them! During his time with Raven Engineered Films, Brian has been involved in many of the efforts to invest in new polymer technology and processing advancements to further increase our capabilities. He feels that our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, modern facilities and processes inspire our ability to produce industry-leading, high performance products! To Brian, our customized machinery and proprietary process techniques combined with our collaborative team environment continue to drive Raven’s position to develop and manufacture superior products that bring great value to our customers.

Brian is most thrilled by the methods of development that take place behind the scenes for these significant decisions and our division strategy. Team members from all company divisions assemble and collaborate to determine what latest technological advancements will be considered to enhance our current capabilities and best serve our customers’ needs! These expansions can range from small day-to-day process updates to the installation of a new advanced seven-layer barrier extrusion line or implementing a new enterprise resource planning system for the entire company. Brian greatly admires the commitment and hard work that goes into each decision – and feels the efforts result in years of increased growth and service for both our internal and external customers!

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Meet Mona Larson, our Sales Assistant for the Raven EFD Sales Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Mona:

Mona is extremely proud of her essential position supporting the Raven Engineered Films Sales Team! In her role, Mona is the first point of access for all EFD inbound callers and visitors. She is the face and voice of Raven to greet our valued customers — as she fields various incoming phone calls and welcomes customers to our Sioux Falls, SD location! Mona is an indispensable resource for our sales team along with all the various other departments in our division that interface regularly with her position. Mona embodies the Raven values through her willingness to pitch in where needed and assist with any task to guarantee the success of our teams!

It is important to Mona that she continues her personal growth development within Raven — she consistently searches for ways to advance her skills and work processes for the benefit of our customers and internal teams! Mona prioritizes her development to better assist customers with inbound questions and ensures they receive efficient and accurate responses. Her extra service efforts enable our sales team to further dedicate time to sales inquiries, while ensuring that all of our customers are receiving superior service!

Learn more information about Raven Engineered Films and our mission here.

Meet Jose Quintero, one of our Large Machines Operators for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Jose:

Jose appreciates the diverse opportunities for development within Raven Engineered Films and how departments across the division collectively work to tackle various challenges! With the influx in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialty film-based medical supplies for COVID-19 response — Raven has developed innovative solutions and manufactured a variety of source films to assist the global demand. Jose notes, that our operational teams were required to make strategic modifications to production processes and schedules to meet the expedited delivery expectations for PPE related materials.

Raven team members had to transition quickly and efficiently into new manufacturing roles while keeping operational excellence standards priority. With these changes, Jose took advantage of the opportunity to cross-train for various new work centers within EFD! For Jose, the chance to expand his skills and learn the technical intricacies in operating new equipment is a highly rewarding opportunity both personally and professionally! He praises his fellow teammates for their willingness to share knowledge and work together to produce superior products. During these unprecedented times, Raven team members rally together to share expertise and cultivate creative solutions to assist in the ongoing efforts related to COVID-19!

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Meet Rob Hagle, one of our Production Supervisors for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Rob:

Rob is consistently pleased with the tremendous performance of our operational team members – their work is a key contribution to Raven Engineered Film’s ability to excel in producing industry-leading products! He describes our team members work as a synergistic unit to maintain adherence to strict manufacturing specifications, while adjusting to the ever-changing nature of our business. Rob takes great pride in seeing the optimism and determination our team members bring to their roles each day! The positive culture we have created motivates our team members and provides countless opportunities to solve great challenges!

Rob also played an integral role in the development of Raven's Atlas ERP system — our recently implemented enterprise resource planning platform. Along with the Atlas team, he contributed his extensive knowledge of operational procedures within Engineered Films to ensure the platform was functional throughout all manufacturing stages. Rob trained various team members on the new processes within the platform and is an important resource for continuous improvement to our operations team! Raven EFD continued to manufacture high-performance films during the system transition thanks to the efforts of Rob and the entire Atlas team!

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Meet Becky Weber, one of our Customer Support Specialist for the Raven EFD Sales Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Becky:

During her 15 years with Raven, Becky has provided direct support for our Construction Market and is gratified by seeing our products in end use – both locally and globally! Raven Engineered Films manufactures performance-driven specialty films for various applications within the construction industry – including Dura♦Skrim® string-reinforced enclosure film, VaporBlock® vapor barriers, and VaporBlock® Plus™ advanced gas and moisture barriers. Becky notes that Raven’s leading construction films are used in many significant projects spanning from large commercial buildings — to well-known professional sport stadiums and on to disaster relief films used worldwide! For Becky, it’s extremely rewarding to see the collaborative design process that goes into these films advance to solid project solutions for our customers!

Becky’s service role gives her the opportunity to serve as a liaison between customers and our internal operations team — communication and understanding of the customer’s unique requirements are of utmost importance to ensure we exceed their expectations. She provides daily customer support and tracks sales orders throughout the entire production process to guarantee accuracy and timely delivery of all finished goods. Becky strives to embody Raven’s core values by building strong relationships with our customers through exceptional service!

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Meet Alber Cazun, one of our Large Machines Operators for the Raven EFD Operations Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Alber:

Alber is honored to be in his operational role that contributes to solving the challenge for temporary shelter needs in the aftermath of natural disasters. Raven Engineered Films has manufactured disaster relief film for many years as temporary roofs and emergency shelter coverings to provide aid to displaced residents. These necessary emergency covers allow residents to return to their homes and begin the next phase of community recovery. Raven disaster relief films are constructed of high denier scrim-reinforcement and premium resins for superior durability to withstand varying environmental elements and ultimately provide relief to those affected.

Rapid response to the demand for disaster relief film is extremely time critical and touches every department in Engineered Films – however, operations is at the core of our ability to provide high-quality material for this essential application. Alber and his team must work in cohesion with several internal departments on an extremely tight timeline to effectively process material through production to meet daily shipment allocations. Alber maintains strict compliance with the manufacturing requirements aligned with the production of disaster films — products are closely monitored to ensure adherence with the high-performance specifications. To Alber, being able to work on a product that provides such a crucial service to those who need it most; is something anyone would take great pride in!

Learn more about our Dura♦Skrim® string-reinforced temporary enclosure films here.

Meet Dylan Rogers, one of our Product Development Engineers for the Raven EFD Development Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Dylan:

Dylan takes pride in his technical role with the EFD Research and Development team, who work directly with our customers to identify impactful solutions for their project challenges! Dylan and his team have made dedicated on-site customer visits to provide manufacturer assistance and review. The team then works to evaluate their equipment/machinery, post-processing techniques, and other contributing factors to determine root cause analysis for mechanical and process challenges. At times, these collaborative visits can extend up to a full week or more to complete in-depth analyses and provide recommendations!

The R&D team efforts highlight the importance of upholding Raven’s high-quality standards to ensure product success and to withstand downstream process demands long after the product has left our facility. Dylan is an advocate for continuous improvement and learning, and truly appreciates working in the supportive and positive environment Raven provides to tackle all new challenges.

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Meet Wendy Kuhnert, our Customer Support Supervisor for the Raven EFD Sales Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Wendy:

Wendy is proud of her important role in the development and implementation of Raven's new Atlas ERP system, an advanced enterprise resource planning platform launched in 2019. Wendy and the Atlas team committed to the multiyear project to learn all intricacies of the platform and perform testing scenarios to ensure the system was operating effectively from new product quotations all the way to delivery of materials. The team still collaborates regularly, working in tandem to monitor and discover any opportunities for improvement!

During the development phase, Wendy played an integral part in refining our order procedure for Grain Cover Systems – an exceedingly detailed and time-sensitive process for our custom covers. Having directly supported our Agriculture Market, Wendy is extremely well-versed in this process and fully aware of our high customer expectations. This fueled her determination to ensure a timely and smooth transition allowing our team to continue to provide superior service to our customers!

Learn more about our custom Grain Cover Systems for agriculture here.

Meet Derek Coover, our Engineering Manager for the Raven EFD Development Team in Sioux Falls, SD!

Project Highlight for Derek:

Derek takes great pride in being a vital part of the major team effort it took to develop Raven FlexForm® Tubing used for flexitank liquid containment in the transport of high-value commodities — this was no easy task! Derek's team had to determine all film stress anomalies endured during shipments over the road, rail, and ocean faring transports, the team then implemented targeted solutions into the development process.

Development of our FlexForm® film was a true team commitment that touched every department of Engineered Films along with the building of a strong customer partnership that was key in the entire process! We demonstrated our team's talent by delivering a film solution that solidified Raven as a technical leader in the marketspace and created a superior product that exceeded our customer's expectations!

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