Raven EFD Operations Team Spotlight


Raven’s history of success is the direct result of our extremely talented and hard-working team members. Our strength as a company has always been our desire and drive to Solve Great Challenges. Today, our operational team shares a tremendous drive to develop and create the highest quality products for our customers.

Through a commitment of excellence to building leading products and services, our team members take their responsibilities seriously and interject their own pride-in-workmanship as they make great impacts at Raven Engineered Films. Through our featured spotlight series we invite you to meet a few of the faces behind the products that our team proudly manufactures.

All Raven products are manufactured with pride in the USA through our stringent ISO 9001 certified management system.

Meet Becky Weber, our Customer Support Specialist for the Raven EFD Sales Team!

Project Highlight for Becky:

During her 15 years with Raven, Becky has provided direct support for our Construction Market and is gratified by seeing our products in end use – both locally and globally! Raven Engineered Films manufactures performance-driven specialty films for various applications within the construction industry – including Dura♦Skrim® string-reinforced enclosure film, VaporBlock® vapor barriers, and VaporBlock® Plus™ advanced gas and moisture barriers. Becky notes that Raven’s leading construction films are used in many significant projects spanning from large commercial buildings — to well-known professional sport stadiums and on to disaster relief films used worldwide! For Becky, it’s extremely rewarding to see the collaborative design process that goes into these films advance to solid project solutions for our customers!

Becky’s service role gives her the opportunity to serve as a liaison between customers and our internal operations team — communication and understanding of the customer’s unique requirements are of utmost importance to ensure we exceed their expectations. She provides daily customer support and tracks sales orders throughout the entire production process to guarantee accuracy and timely delivery of all finished goods. Becky strives to embody Raven’s core values by building strong relationships with our customers through exceptional service!

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Meet Alber Cazun, one of our Large Machine Operators for the Raven EFD Production Team!

Project Highlight for Alber:

Alber is honored to be in his operational role that contributes to solving the challenge for temporary shelter needs in the aftermath of natural disasters. Raven Engineered Films has manufactured disaster relief film for many years as temporary roofs and emergency shelter coverings to provide aid to displaced residents. These necessary emergency covers allow residents to return to their homes and begin the next phase of community recovery. Raven disaster relief films are constructed of high denier scrim-reinforcement and premium resins for superior durability to withstand varying environmental elements and ultimately provide relief to those affected.

Rapid response to the demand for disaster relief film is extremely time critical and touches every department in Engineered Films – however, operations is at the core of our ability to provide high-quality material for this essential application. Alber and his team must work in cohesion with several internal departments on an extremely tight timeline to effectively process material through production to meet daily shipment allocations. Alber maintains strict compliance with the manufacturing requirements aligned with the production of disaster films — products are closely monitored to ensure adherence with the high-performance specifications. To Alber, being able to work on a product that provides such a crucial service to those who need it most; is something anyone would take great pride in!

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Meet Dylan Rogers, a Product Development Engineer for the Raven EFD Development Team!

Project Highlight for Dylan:

Dylan takes pride in his technical role with the EFD Research and Development team, who work directly with our customers to identify impactful solutions for their project challenges! Dylan and his team have made dedicated on-site customer visits to provide manufacturer assistance and review. The team then works to evaluate their equipment/machinery, post-processing techniques, and other contributing factors to determine root cause analysis for mechanical and process challenges. At times, these collaborative visits can extend up to a full week or more to complete in-depth analyses and provide recommendations!

The R&D team efforts highlight the importance of upholding Raven’s high-quality standards to ensure product success and to withstand downstream process demands long after the product has left our facility. Dylan is an advocate for continuous improvement and learning, and truly appreciates working in the supportive and positive environment Raven provides to tackle all new challenges.

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Meet Wendy Kuhnert, our Customer Support Supervisor for the Raven EFD Sales Team!

Project Highlight for Wendy:

Wendy is proud of her important role in the development and implementation of Raven's new Atlas ERP system, an advanced enterprise resource planning platform launched in 2019. Wendy and the Atlas team committed to the multiyear project to learn all intricacies of the platform and perform testing scenarios to ensure the system was operating effectively from new product quotations all the way to delivery of materials. The team still collaborates regularly, working in tandem to monitor and discover any opportunities for improvement!

During the development phase, Wendy played an integral part in refining our order procedure for Grain Cover Systems – an exceedingly detailed and time-sensitive process for our custom covers. Having directly supported our Agriculture Market, Wendy is extremely well-versed in this process and fully aware of our high customer expectations. This fueled her determination to ensure a timely and smooth transition allowing our team to continue to provide superior service to our customers!

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Meet Derek Coover, our Engineering Manager for the Raven EFD Development Team!

Project Highlight for Derek:

Derek takes great pride in being a vital part of the major team effort it took to develop Raven FlexForm® Tubing used for flexitank liquid containment in the transport of high-value commodities — this was no easy task! Derek's team had to determine all film stress anomalies endured during shipments over the road, rail, and ocean faring transports, the team then implemented targeted solutions into the development process.

Development of our FlexForm® film was a true team commitment that touched every department of Engineered Films along with the building of a strong customer partnership that was key in the entire process! We demonstrated our team's talent by delivering a film solution that solidified Raven as a technical leader in the marketspace and created a superior product that exceeded our customer's expectations!

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