Blown Extrusion Film/Sheeting

Raven currently houses some of the largest 7-layer barrier extrusion lines in North America, pushing the envelope for wide-width multi-layer film manufacturing. We are committed to investing in the future with the latest technology advancements to further enhance our capabilities in line with our state-of-the-art core manufacturing equipment. Raven delivers full-circle manufacturing solutions by providing multi-layer blown and cast film/sheeting, lamination/coating, and custom converting and printing. Our manufacturing facilities include seven locations spanning a 730,600 sq.ft. footprint and produce one of the widest ranges of size, material, and thickness in the industry today.

Our large seven-layer lines produce 1 to 80 mil barrier blown films and sheeting in widths up to a massive 32 feet in circumference. They also produce sheeting up to 80 mils thick (16' single wound sheeting) with optional surface texturing available. These lines house unique seven-layer dies manufactured with the latest extrusion technology and engineered to provide maximum versatility. Utilizing seven individual extruders, they are capable of processing some of the widest and thickest (EVOH, Nylon) barrier structures available in the industry. Other wide-width multi-layer films are produced on lines capable of reaching an impressive 40 foot width and a thickness ranging from 0.30 mil up to 80 mil.

Our extensive experience in designing film and sheeting has enabled us to offer a variety of products, each formulated to meet our customer's individual requirements in addition to our standard product line. We accomplish this through the guidelines of our ISO 9001 certified management program. All Raven products developed and produced in our South Dakota and Texas facilities are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment under our stringent ISO 9001 certified management system to assure we achieve complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all phases of our business. Our recently acquired facilities located in Colorado and California are operationally compliant with our internal quality control standards and are targeted to start preparation in attaining ISO 9001 certification soon.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Mono-layer up to 9-layer blown film/sheeting
  • Single-wound sheeting up to 192" wide
  • Small consumer rolls up to mill rolls 50" in diameter
  • Multi-layer film from 0.30 mil up to 80 mil thick
  • Seamless gusseted widths up to 40' wide
  • Capable of processing a wide range of resins
  • Corona treating and 2-color custom printing
  • Textured surfaces on one or two sides