Maerkle Reservoir

Sustainable Long-Range Design and Accountability

Fully Integrated Solutions

The Maerkle Reservoir Floating Cover project won an American Public Works Association Honor award for Sustainable/Green projects in 2021. The APWA Awards Program recognizes outstanding individuals, groups and chapters representing the best in public works.

The Maerkle Reservoir in Carlsbad California was built in the early 1960s and provides water for the city’s residents. The reservoir holds over 20 million gallons of water, is 60 feet deep and has a surface area of 17 acres. To ensure clean water free of contaminants from bacteria and animals, the entire reservoir is covered with a floating cover. The previous cover was installed in 1996 and in need of a replacement after 20+ years of use.

City of Carlsbad and Hilts Consulting Engineering Firm
Carlsbad, California
March 2019 - February 2020

CSPE M284 45 Mil (Tan)
1.3 Million sq. ft.

Highly technical floating cover for both the fabrication and installation processes and retrofit of old system with limited knowledge of existing condition

High value engineering assistance was provided during all stages of the project and highly collaborative team to make modifications during construction quickly.

The City of Carlsbad awarded Raven with the project to supply and install the massive floating cover to protect the reservoir for years to come. With the Mearkle Reservoir being the city’s largest storage facility for water, it was critical to update and install the new cover at a quick speed. 

The project included installation of three replacement hydraulic actuated outlet valves and new hydraulic power unit. Valve actuators were from a foreign manufacture with long lead time, which ultimately became a delay that had to be creatively mitigated to meet reservoir fill date.

Raven’s uniquely engineered CSPE floating cover and highly collaborative installation team provided safe water storage for the City’s most valuable water facility.

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