Record 3-Day Golf Lake Install

Liner install strategy drastically reduces days on site to meet crucial timeline!

Phenomenal subgrade liner conformance

Site: Club Campestre Celaya

Location: Celaya Guanajuato Mexico

Project Application: Golf Course Irrigation Pond Lining

Project Challenges

  • Extremely tight installation timeline to outpace seasonal monsoonal rains in the region that would jeopardize prepared earthwork.
  • Challenging footprint with compound design curves encompassed in the subgrade construction to shape the featured pond.
  • Tight detail completion to open the irrigation reservoir that supports entire operation.

Project Details

  • Lined Surface Area for Pond: 95,000 Sq.Ft. (8,830 m2 ).
  • Lined with Prefabricated Factory Panels of Dura-Skrim® N30B Reinforced Polyethylene – Manufactured by Raven Engineered Films – Pleasanton, TX and installed by TUB-EX of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Project Overview

The project was located in Guanajuato, Mexico at Club Campestre in Celaya, a world-class golf course designed by Roy Dye. Club Campestre an 18-hole course with the latest guest amenities requested an upgrade to their onsite golf lake property. The typical reservoir linings utilized in Mexico utilize high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or linear-low-density (LLDPE) layflat geomembrane roll material, and in this case it would have required at least 25 single panels to be rolled out for deployment, thermally fused and tested working with a more rigid material containing a very high coefficient of thermal expansion. This decorative lake serves as the primary course irrigation reservoir and the installation was crucial to have completed ahead of seasonal monsoonal rains that would destroy prepared land forming and sub-grades jeopardizing the readiness of the course irrigation reservoir.

Project Solution

The golf lake installation required a fresh idea for the liner system to accomplish the project goals and short timeline. As an alternative to the general liner of HDPE or LLDPE lay-flat rolls, the IAGI certified installation contractor, TUB-EX of Monterrey recognized it would highly beneficial timewise and more cost efficient to review using prefabricated factory panels of a flexible reinforced material. The alternate solution involved using a stronger, lighter, reinforced flexible polyethylene liner prefabricated in a quality factory environment to project specific sized panels measuring up to 96 ft./29.27 meters wide and on average coverage of 19,080 ft²/1,773 m². These five panels were installed in lieu of the more common single sheet style layflat liner that had been the standard across Mexico using 22.5 ft./6.9 meter wide single rolls. TUB-EX was able to perform the complete installation using only five total panels in a short three days. They estimated that using the standard 22.5’/6.9 m wide rolls would have taken 2 weeks to install, weld, and test. Large fabricated panels contained quality factory seals that were tested in manufacturing and left only five seals to be completed onsite. TUB-EX was highly impressed with the lighter-weight reinforced liner and they claimed using the N30B material was a “complete success”, and “totally cost effective”, as the overall solution. They felt the reinforced liner helped them to finish the project in record time and with a flexible liner that made handling the distinct curves in the lake design far easier to navigate by conforming to compound curves without bridging or buckling. Utilizing the N30B provided a highly durable, low thermal expansion option for the project that installed fast with ease in handling and welding. Ultimately TUB-EX stated, “the owner was very happy with the results of the installation”, and that makes all the difference for any project. TUB-EX was highly impressed with the product and the ease of installation, they plan to start utilizing the prefabricated flexible panel option for future projects where they can add customer value through reduced install time and cost along with the increases in liner performance.

Large single panels averaging 19,080 ft² of coverage
Minimal seam welds to join large prefabricated panels
Rapid large fabricated panel deployment
Five prefabricated panels - layout covers 95,000 Sq.Ft. (8,830 m²)