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Energy Containment Solutions

Gas & Oil Product Focus 

For over 60 years, Raven has manufactured high quality proven products for the oil and gas industry by manufacturing large, one-piece, stepped, drop-in containment liners and covers. Our materials range in thickness from 6 mil to 80 mil and are available in smooth, textured, unsupported, reinforced, and dense-scrim reinforced materials for maximum durability.


Raven consistently delivers reliable containment solutions, quick response times, strong factory welded seams, and a broad range of chemically-resistant, proven materials. To solve a direct challenge, we developed a proven geomembrane to successfully meet the harsh demands of lining above-ground tanks in a broad range of outdoor use temperatures. Raven HydraFlex™ Pro is our solution for providing the most flexible, highest strength option the industry has to offer in an unsupported liner. It is also designed to perform in rough terrains when installed in a variety of containment applications such as frac water reservoirs and other earthen pit linings.

Raven specializes in products designed to perform in the rugged environments of the energy sector. We have your solutions, from durable Frac/Pit Liners and Textured Rig-site Liners, to challenging Above-Ground Tank linings and Secondary Containment applications.

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Energy News

September 1st
American engineering company KBR has won a contract to conduct conceptual development and feasibility study services for an energy hub in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
September 1st
Saudi Aramco says that the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has received its first cargo of Arabian crude oil at its newly expanded Huizhou refinery in South China.