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Durable, Custom-Built Enclosure and Barrier Films

Viaflex is a premier provider of performance-driven specialty construction films. We build tailored, durable enclosures, vapor barriers, plastic sheeting and gas barrier films that meet all required specifications. We offer a variety of colors, properties and systems to fit all your construction needs, no matter how challenging.

Custom-Built Enclosures and Barrier Films

When it comes to construction barriers, go with the best, go with Viaflex.

We have an amazing, GAI-LAP accredited laboratory with the latest high-tech testing equipment. And our research and development teams carry out ongoing product analysis that ensure continual improvements and innovations in our construction film products. Through rigorous testing, we ensure that everything we produce meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of ASTM E-1745, class A, B & C.

Our custom-built solutions include:

  • Custom roll sizes that save both material and labor costs
  • Customize the color, application, and barrier properties
  • Products tailor made to meet your specific needs

“The construction industry is in a state of constant flux. Our competition demands that current technology advances at a rate much faster than the industry it supports. Raven has always provided cutting-edge solutions that help us grow.”

McQuade & Bannigan, Inc., Utica, NY

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