Geomembrane Applications

Products that Protect Our Natural Resources

Viaflex is a vertically integrated full-service solutions provider for the geo-synthetic industry, providing our customers with world-class manufacturing, fabrication, design-build customization and certified installation experts. We produce a broad range of cost-effective geosynthetic and geomembrane products, such as landfill covers, water containment systems, pond liners and more.

Fabricating Geomembrane Liners and Landfill Covers for Over 60 Years

Viaflex manufactures large, prefabricated one-piece panels in a wide range of covers and liners to meet any and all project specifications. Whether you need to control intense odors, control waste seepage or are needing to contain fresh water, we’ve got a cost-effective solution. Our incredibly versatile and durable geomembrane liners and covers can be found around the world in a wide variety of applications, everything from recreational ponds, lakes and canals to hazardous waste containment systems, gas barriers, remediation and biofiltration. We are the go-to source when it comes to geomembranes, period.

One-piece panels offer:

  • Factory-built to provide higher seam quality
  • Factory-made seams eliminate contamination
  • Fabricated to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Certified Management System

Chambers Reservoir

Our custom fabrication and certified installation services provided the unique solutions for the Chambers Dam Reservoir Remediation project. Challenges included limited access, a deep reservoir with a long slope, and a super-tight schedule.​

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“As a distributor and installer of geomembranes, it is important to work with a manufacturer that provides quality products along with variety. Viaflex products meet our customers’ requirements with total satisfaction. The quality of materials and the ability to meet deadlines for our customers has brought repeat business time and time again.”

N.A.L. Services Inc., Kalkaska, M

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