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Custom-Built Liners that Solve Environmental Challenges

We manufacture high-quality, proven products for the gas and oil industries that maximize site coverage, longevity, and durability while minimizing installation days — saving both time and money. We consistently deliver reliable containment solutions, quick response times, and custom-built liners, such as pond liners and tank liners, with factory-welded seams.

Custom-Built Liners for Any Application

We know oil, we know gas, and we know containment.

Our high-impact, tear and puncture-resistant liners are built to withstand the pressures of drilling, cementing, testing, and well completion. Viaflex liners are laid once, from drilling through completion. In addition, the highly UV-stabilized materials are ultra-rugged and purpose-built for long-term applications. From frac water reservoirs to secondary containment and everything in between, we have the specialized products, services and support you require for all your oil and gas drilling needs, however complicated. At Viaflex we’re all about “drilling to completion.”

Points to consider:

  • You only need one liner for your entire process, saving labor and material costs
  • Quick response times, on call 24-7
  • Our industry experts can answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

“Our choice is the DuraSkrim® N-Series Reinforced LLDPE. It works well for drilling through completions.”

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Drilling and Completion Manager, Dale Fidurko, HG Energy

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